Care, Support and Companionship Personalised to you Provided in your own home With peace of mind
Care, Support and Companionship            Personalised to you      Provided in your own home            With peace of mind

Who We Support

We support people with a range of needs and circumstances including preventing hospital admission through proactive and early intervention and promoting early discharge when safe to do so. The following specific groups are those who we can provide most support to:


1. Older People

2. Adults with a Learning Disability

3. People with Dementia

4. People with Physical Disabilities or sensory impairments

5. People who are in need of Palliative Care

6. People who have had a stroke

7. People with Cerebral Palsy

8. People with Epilepsy

9. People who are Autistic


We are particularly keen to prevent admissions to hospital through early and proactive intervention. We believe we can work in partnership with GP’s, District Nurses, Social Workers the Voluntary Sector and others to make that happen. We can also support discharges  from hospital when it is safe to do so and again working in partnership with others to make that happen. All our services are culturally sensitive and we take great care to understand people’s individual needs and circumstances

Fred - A keen sports fan who we care for 6 times each day
Michael - A client and his Mum and carer, Carmel

Contact us

You can reach us on:

0114 3996024


You can also use our contact form.




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